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We are an organization working towards helping the under-privileged in attaining their right to knowledge and quality education. Agaram provides a platform for better learning, a podium to brighten their tomorrow and give them the best in their pursuit of happiness by transforming their dreams to reality.
  • Vazhikatigal volunteer meet
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  • Vazhikatigal Student House Visit held
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  • Vazhikatigal Science Workshop held at Achariya International School
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  • Vazhikatigal Arts & Crafts, Cultural Workshop held at VIT, Chennai Campus
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  • 4 of the Activity Based Learning (ABL) classes held for the 7th Std Students
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  • Vidhai Workshops held during January – May 2013
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  • Volunteer Intro Meetings held during January – May 2013
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Founder’s Message
Founder’s Message
"Education promotes civilization and enables an individual to conquer challenges. I am reminded of Vladimir Lenin here when he came to power he said the first thing he would reform is education second is education and third is education. We are still at the grassroots its high time we realize that education is no more a want but a basic necessity in life apart from food, shelter and clothing. It is an answer to overcome eco imbalance of not only an individual, but of the family and ultimately the society Help extended to an individual in any other form only benefits that individual but when you impart education you are providing hope to the whole family which in turn benefits the society."
Quality Education
Quality Education
Life is like two sides of a coin, people who are in need of help and people who are able to and willing to offer it.The same can be said about educational assistance.
Just as a Blood bank enables the donor to donate blood to save the life of someone in need; Our database aims at introducing our patrons to the worthy and deserving candidate, to whom quality education would grant a fresh lease of life.

We believe that education is right tool..


"Children are one third of our population and all ...

If you are a graduate and working, have you taken any professional development or continuing education courses in the last few years?

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Born: December 28, 1932 – Chorwad, Gujarat, India Known for: Reliance Industries Net worth: Approx. $8 billion Dhirubhai Ambani was an Indian industrialist who founded ...
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