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Sivakumar Educational Trust
Sivakumar Education Trust was founded by Mr.Sivakumar in the year 1979. He initiated the trust for the philanthropic cause of supporting the education of the poor and needy from the rural thick of TamilNadu. He continues to deliver the service of awarding financial assistance to the state topper in the Higher Secondary Examinations every year. The 25 years legacy of nurturing the needy is now carried on by his beloved son and well acclaimed actor of the present age Mr.Surya.

"The sufferings of the children who move to cities for sake of education may be a hearsay incident to others. But to me, it is my personal experience. When I was studying, it was difficult to buy toilet soap even during my stay in Chennai. It gives me a sense of satisfaction to meticulously look out for the needy childrens – like I was, from all over TamilNadu and help them. Lets all try to elevate the lives of more students in the future" says Mr. Sivakumar.

  • Vazhikatigal volunteer meet
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  • Vazhikatigal Student House Visit held
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  • Vazhikatigal Science Workshop held at Achariya International School
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  • Vazhikatigal Arts & Crafts, Cultural Workshop held at VIT, Chennai Campus
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  • 4 of the Activity Based Learning (ABL) classes held for the 7th Std Students
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  • Vidhai Workshops held during January – May 2013
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  • Volunteer Intro Meetings held during January – May 2013
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