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What We Do

Egalitarian Society

Since Independence, our nation's leaders and architects have dreamt of creating an egalitarian society with balanced growth. In spite of various measures put in place by successive Governments, achieving a well-balanced growth in physical and social infrastructure continues to remain a distant dream. Providing quality education for every single child is the only way of achieving our developmental goals, as sustainable development can begin only with education. Giving an opportunity and a better platform for learning will not only protect the child's future, but in-turn will lead to transforming our society and nation. Agaram is one such initiative that aims to provide quality education and equal opportunities to the under-privileged children. Agaram, which denotes "A", the first letter in all languages thrives to bridge the gaps in providing high quality education, for the rural children from interiors parts of Tamilnadu.

Our Mission

In our endeavour to offer quality education to the deprived, our objectives are as follows:
  • Strive to bridge the gap between deserving candidates and quality education
  • Build a new generation of responsible youth with education, values,commitment and dedication to society.
our mission

" Arise..! Awake..! and stop not until the goal is reached "

The Trust

Our mission is taken forward by our trust backed by the following accomplished individuals

  • Mr. R. S. Surya
    Founder trustee
  • Mr. Si. Karthi
  • Mr. T. J. Gnanavel
    Secretary trustee
  • Ms. JaishreeDamodaran
  • Mr. S. R. Prakash Babu
  • Our strategic planning advisory body

    This is the strategic planning committee of the foundation. They are the members who strategize the operations and plan for the various programs that benefit the students of Agaram. Regular meetings help to evaluate the progress and effectiveness of the programs and provide direction as to what can be accomplished in the future.

    Mr. Prabhakalvimani

    Correspondent for Thai Thamizh Thodakkappalli, Tindivanam.Co-ordinator for Palangudilrular PadhukappuSangam, Human Rights Activist and Educationalist.

    Dr.V.Vasanthi Devi

    She is a former Vice-Chancellor, Manonmaniam University & Chairperson, Tamil Nadu State, Women's Commission, Chennai Chairperson of the Institute of Human Rights Education and former Chairperson of the State Commission for Women.

    Mrs.Brinda Jayaraman

    Psychological consultant Founder of Anchor Self Help Access (ASHA).She serves as Consultant to many schools and conducts workshops on Parenting Skills, Counseling skills, Interpersonal Skills and Study Skills among other areas. She is also a prolific writer and well-known TV commentator.

    Retd.Justice K.Chandru

    Retired High Court Judge, renowned for settling 96000 cases over a period of 6 years.

    Mr. Thomas Kandhasami:

    One of the leading Auditors in Chennai who specializes in Financial Management consultancy for Non-profit organizations.